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I've been a tech entrepreneur for about 20 years. To be clear, that doesn't mean just working for, or advising tech entrepreneurs, I've actually co-founded and scaled businesses myself. The last one is well on its way to $20m in ARR.Having had first-hand experience of the pains and the joys of building a SaaS business, I realised that what I really love is the early-stage (sub $10m in ARR), where you need to be strategic, but you also need to be able to roll your sleeves up and get stuck in.As a consultant/advisor to SaaS startups, this is my approach. I don't like to just pontificate from the sidelines: I get deep into the issues and work with founders to solve them.

For SaaS Founders

Are you a SaaS startup/scale-up in the $1m - $5m ARR phase finding that there are elements of your go-to-market that feel a bit stuck?I help SaaS founders unlock their GTM potential and get to $10m+.

Agency Owners

Are you a creative agency looking to become a product company?I work with agencies and consultancies who want to transition to a SaaS model.

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I've evolved my writing to be less opinion and more actionable insights. Every week I elaborate on a subject that I've witnessed, heard or read.You can read a selection here or subscribe below.


The Four Stages of Data Maturity
From 'gut feel' to 'using data as insight': how companies evolve their data strategy over time.

Bottom-up or Top-down for Early-stage B2B SaaS Businesses?
Whether to start with enterprise and add self-serve later on, or vice versa. What is best and why?

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